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A Dutch version will come available shortly.
Welcome to Green Digit Technologies, the site for your inspiration in electronics.
Here you'll find my DIY project, including schematics and board files.
In some cases i'll provide a *.HEX file for the microcontroller.
All projects are are working pieces of electronics ART, unless it's a work in progress.
I'm not responsible for any type of damage during building (or afterwards).
Please use your own common sense while DIY-ing.
Downloadable items are listed on the Download Page

News Flash

English Version | gepost op: 15-06-2019 19:44
I dumped my dutch version for now to make it more international.
A new English website is now in place.

New Design | gepost op: 7/01/2018 15:06
I made a new layout for the website that is a bit more up to date.

| gepost op: 3/06/2017 21:46
Website now running on a dedicated Host

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