Green Digit Technologies Workspace

My Workspace

My Workspace

Up until the present day I don't own a separate workspace.
I do use my desk (as seen in the picture) for mu home electronics use.
Unfortunately this means that i need to clean up after my work.

Note: Since this picture was taken, i updated my PC setup.
I got a newer Desktop, 2 23" screens, and a better (gaming) mouse.
The 2nd screen enables me to open both the schematic and the PCB files, which makes it easier to design my own boards.
Thought it might be easier to design new stuff, it did remove my spot for the scope, maybe I'll just have to get a PC scope then?

My Equipment

Well jhe i do have some tools and equipment of my own, but for now i didn't find the to put it all together so you'll just have to do with my "TOOLS" section.