Green Digit Electronics



As you'll notice, one day you are going to breadboard something to test things out, just to find that you don't have that most stupid component that is really needed for your build.
Even worse, you don't have anything to replace it with.
So what do you do?
YES, you build up a stock of some common, cheap components.

Note that buying components from ebay, aliexpress or any other Chinese vendor does not guaranty you to get official components. If you want the real deal, and not knockoffs, you'll hve to go and buy them from reputable sellers, (localy, of on the world wide web). Some examples are farnell, mouser, conrad, digikey, and many more. (note that in some cases you can't buy if you don't have a company of some kind, or at least a VAT number).

Well, how do we build up stock?
That is up to you. There are 2 ways to building up stock:
1- Buying a whole lot of stuff at once that you think you could have the need of in the near future. 2- Buying excess when buying for your projects.

Common Components

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As resistors are very cheap i do recommend you buy a set from 0Ω to 10MΩ.


Single Opamps

  • TL071
  • LM741
  • uA308 or OP07CP (For RAT circuit)
  • CA3080 (OTA: Operational Transconductance amplifier)

Dual Opamps

  • TL072
  • LM358
  • NE5532P
  • LM1458
  • LM4558

Quad Opamps

  • TL074
  • LM324

Other Amps

  • LM386


Small Signal Diodes

  • 1N914 (Silicon)
  • 1N4148 (Silicon)
  • 1N34A (germanium)
  • OA7/OA9 (germanium
  • BAT46 (Schottky Silicon)

Rectifier Diodes

  • 1N4001
  • 1N4007
  • 1N5817 (Schottky)

Zener Diodes

  • 1N4733 (5V1)
  • 1N4739 (9V)
Or equivalent zener diodes


  • 5mm LEDS (Green, Red, Blue)
  • 3mm LEDS (Green, Red, Blue)



  • 2N3904
  • 2N5088
  • BC550
  • BC109
  • MPSA13 (Darlington)
  • MPSA18


  • 2N3905/2N3906
  • 2N5087
  • 2N4125


  • 2N5457
  • J201/MPF102/J113


  • BS170
  • BF245
  • 2N7000/2N7002

Germanium Transistors

Thought Germanium transistors create a sweet sound, they can be very expensive as most of them are NOS.
There for I do not recommend them to have in stock as a standard component.
Of course if you are into germanium here is a list:
  • AC128