Green Digit Technologies



All my projects (working and failed ones) will be here with a full report.
I ordered my projects on Type, like microcontroller - Audio ...

Unfortunately i miss pictures from older projects so some might be just schematics and explanation.

In some projects I use the OSH Logo (Open Source Hardware) created by David Jones.
More info here


PIC24 Development Breakout Board

A simple Minimal Setupboard for testing out the PIC24 series microcontrollers from Microchip.
The setup consists out of Power, ISCP, reset and a PIC24FJ256GB microcontroller

RCD Programmer

A simple programmer for the PIC16f628 (and others)
It makes use of the good old DB-9 Serial Port and some free software.

LED Cube

A standard 3*3*3 LED Cube using clear blue lights.
Controlled using an Ardiono Uno.

Power Supplies


Class D Amplifier

Class D amplifier build around the TPA3123D, a 25W Stereo (Power) amplifier.
Building this was not an easy job, the chip has an exposed pad.
Interessed in how this is accomplished without reflow oven?

GD Screamer

A combination of a tube screamer (TS-9) and a Russian Green Muff.