Green Digit Electronics

Lab Supply V1

Creative Commons-Licentie

The Schematic

The Requirements


This controllable power supply can not control up to 0V, because the lm317 has not been created.
So far I only managed to control the voltage.
The current can also be controlled by using a 2nd lm317.

This circuit has been chosen for its simplicity. I have chosen to also be able to connect a 2nd input voltage, namely a 12V (or any other voltage) dc from an existing adapter.
This has the advantage that you have less dislocation on your lm at low voltages, the disadvantage is that it is adjustable to 11 Vdc.

For the potentiometer, you can use a multi-Turn pot, which increases your resolution, and it is easier to adjust.

Next things that can be added:
- current limitation
- Transfo to be adjustable to higher voltage (currently max 11 V using a 12V adapter)