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Open Source Hardware Logo's

Open Source Hardware Logo

This page is a copy of the page created by Dave Jones! See the link.

You can download the new proposed Open Source Hardware Logo with release symbols on the website of Dave Jones: EEVBlog.
This is similar concept to how the Creative Commons adds options to their license. It would be nice to have a similar autogenerated logo based on the option people wanted to open.
A text only version is also possible just like Creative Commons, e.g. OSHW-S-P-F-M-D-B-C

Based upon the original logo by Macklin Chaffee
A online generator is available.

LINK: Open Source Hardware Association Note that they have not commented on this logo usage with release symbols, just linked to them for reference.

The history behind this Release Symbol based OSHW Logo:

S = Schematic
F = Firmware and/or software
M = Mechanical CAD files
D = Design Documentation
B = Bill Of Materials
C = License used allows for commercial use

Suggested use for non-original tool source files (e.g. PDF) Symbols are displayed in RED font. This is the original version with the letters in the gear teeth. But the letters could be underneath as well which might make it clearer, especially on PCB silkscreens.

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