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PIC24 Mini-Development bord


Creative Commons-Licentie

The lack of a cheap development board for the PIC24 series microcontroller form Microchip made me design my own Minimal Setup beakout/development board.
In the schematic below indicates the minimal setup needed to make the PIC24Fj256GB106 function correctly.
The design is as minimal as possible.

  • DC Jack for 5V input.
    • Reverse voltage diode for protection.
  • Power status LED's
  • 3V3 LDO Regulator
  • Reset Circuit
  • Removable Crystal

The Crystal can be removed by removing 2.54mm jumpers. This makes it possible to use the internal oscilator instead.
The 5 leds are removable using the same principle, the leds are connected to Port D.
The chip is supposed to support JTAG, afterwards i regret not including it in this design, altought all the pins are available on the headers.