Green Digit Electronics


Expected Projects


A simple current adapter for multimeters. Controll your multimeters Burden Voltage.
Avoiding misbehavior in low voltage applications when measuring current.
Based on the design of David L. Jones: μCurrent

ESR Meter

Frequency Synthesizer

Microcontroller Projects

PIC24 Development Breakout Board

A simple Minimal Setupboard for testing out the PIC24 series microcontrollers from Microchip.
The setup consists out of Power, ISCP, reset and a PIC24FJ256GB microcontroller

RCD Programmer

A simple programmer for the PIC16f628 (and others)
It makes use of the good old DB-9 Serial Port.

RGB Ledstrip Controller

An Ardiono nano based ledstrip controller.

LED Cube

A standard 3*3*3 LED Cube using clear blue lights.
Controlled using an Ardiono Uno.

Power Supplies

Lab Power Supply V2

DC/DC controlled Lab Power supply.
Controlled by a PIC microcontroller (PIC18F46K40) a ATX is controlled to eather be a variable supply, or a current controlled fixed supply.
The current is both controlled by software and by hardware (faster reaction) and is limited by a polyfuse.

Lab Power Supply V1

My first attempt at my own adjustable power supply.
A simple LM317 adjusting the output voltage.

Audio Projects

Class D Amplifier

Class D amplifier build around the TPA3123D, a 25W Stereo (Power) amplifier.
Building this was not an easy job, the chip has an exposed pad, Interessed in how this is accomplished without reflow oven?

GD Screamer

A combination of a tube screamer (TS-9) and a Russian Green Muff.